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Take control of the chaos of your home finances - Simply and quickly.

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JXCirrus Finance lets you take control of the chaos of your home finances. Follow and check the balance in all of your bank accounts - JXCirrus Finance tracks every transaction and lets you tick them off against your bank statements. Create budgets to track where the money is going to, and graph them over time.


Version 1.2.00, Released 1-Oct-2014
Microsoft Windows

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Approx 46 MB.

Snow Leopard or later.

Approx 14 MB.

Mac OSX Linux

Kernel 2.6.32 or later.

Approx 50 MB.

(These links point to goo.gl url shortener, which then redirects to a download from dropbox)

​​To install:

  • Windows: Run the installer and follow the prompts.

  • Mac OSX: Run the installer and follow the prompts.

  • Linux: Unpack the installer (tar xvfz JXCirrusFinance-1B_Linux.tgz) then run the installer (JXCirrusFinance/install.sh).

Premium Version

Features in the Premium Version

The premium edition of JXCirrus Finance has an extra mode which makes balancing against bank statements super-easy:


Once you have purchased JXCirrus Finance Premium, we will send you an email containing a license and a download link the next business day.   Please make sure you supply a valid email link when purchasing (or we wont be able to send you your license).   If you don't get a response within 48 hours, please contact info@jxcirrus.com.

$4.00 au

​(Australian Dollars)

Release Notes

  • JXCirrusFinance.png
    Release 1.2.00 - 1-Oct-2014
    - Installer includes a 64-bit version of the application.
    - Displays a summary page when you select the totals.
    - Improved the speed of the summary page results.
    - Simplified (and less problematic) user manual viewer.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed an error where the column widths for the account and budget lists were making the totals hidden.
    - Fixed an error where the Balance column on the main transaction list was too far over to the right.
    - The "S" shortcut for the statement tool wasn't triggering, so it was changed to Ctrl-T.

  • JXCirrusFinance.png
    Release 1.1.00 - 13-Mar-2014
    • Record notes against a transaction.
    • Export transactions to CSV files.
    User Interface Changes:
    • If you click on a transaction in the main transaction list, you can view the details on the right-hand side of the form.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved some issues running on 64-bit Linux.
    • Resolved some issues running on Windows XP.
    • Provided a signed installer to allow installation on Windows 8.

  • JXCirrusFinance.png
    Release 1.0.02 - 28-Apr-2013
    Bug Fixes :
    • Fixed an error where the summary breakdown was not remembered properly.
    • Fixed an error with auto-complete for income transactions.

  • JXCirrusFinance.png
    Release 1.0.01 - 18-Feb-2013
    Bug Fixes:
    • A number of bug fixes for the statement tool (premium version only).

  • JXCirrusFinance.png
    Release 1.0.00 - 1-Feb-2013
    The first public release of JXCirrus Finance.