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JXCirrus Maths is a maths training application aimed at primary school children.   It focuses on basic arithmetic: Times tables, addition, subtraction and division.  It will let you set up exercises that are run each day, and then records the best time and lets you race against that.



  • Set up any number of exercises for your child.

  • Times tables and division: Select one or more times tables to practice, choose how many questions will be asked, choose whether they will be run in random order.

  • Addition and subtraction: Select a range to add up to or subtract from (i.e. add up to numbers between 15 and 25) and how many questions to be asked.

  • Schedule exercises to be run once a session, once a day or once a week.

  • Records the fastest time for an exercise.

  • Lets you race against your fastest time (which adds that extra bit of interest to maths practice).

  • Set up the application to display photos from the family album - The photo will change over after each completed exercise.

  • Set up exercises for any number of children.

  • Share exercises between computers using Cloud services like Box and Dropbox.

  • Available on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Linux.

  • Includes a built-in user manual.

Free Download

Version 1.11.00, Released 10-Sep-2020

​​To install:

  • Windows: Run the installer and follow the prompts.

  • Mac OSX: Run the installer and follow the prompts.

  • Linux: Unpack the installer (tar xvfz JXCirrusMaths-1B_Linux.tgz) then run the installer (JXCirrusMaths/install.sh).

In-App Purchases

The premium add-in from JXCirrus Maths brings some bonus features to the exercises.


  • Display a graph of your time taken for the exercise each time you finish it.
  • Add a special exercise which re-tests you on all of the answers that you got wrong during that session.
  • Set up reminders to run exercises.

Graph of times to run exercise.

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Setting up to repeat wrong answers.

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Important: If you downloaded JXCirrus Finance from the Apple App Store, or the Microsoft Store, you must use in-app purchase within the app to buy add ons, not this site.

​​$1.50 au

​(Australian Dollars)

​​​If you use iOS, MacOS or Windows 10, we suggest you download JXCirrus Maths from the app stores (see the buttons to the right). Once you have that app store app, choose the "Premium Features" menu to make an in-app purchanse.  If you downloaded the app from this site - Press the "Buy Now" button, and we will send you an email containing a license key the next business day, which you can enter in the app.   Please make sure you supply a valid email link when purchasing (or we wont be able to send you your license).   If you don't get a response within 48 hours, please contact info@jxcirrus.com.

Release Notes

Release 1.11.0

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix to the app data store.

Release 1.10.00

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an error with file locking.

  • Fixed a UI layout bug.

Release 1.9.00

New Features:

  • Add premium features using the Diary+ add in.

  • Sync between devices using Google Drive.


Release 1.7.00

Bug Fixes:

  • Enabled the Recent file menu.

Release 1.6.00


  • Massively improved use of cloud services such as iCloud and Google Drive.

Release 1.5.01

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an error where the user manual main page was not showing for Lite version.

Release 1.5.00

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some issues with file export and import.

  • Fixed file associations on Windows.

Release 1.4.00


  • Record exercise times in 1/10th of a second.

  • Updated user interface.

  • Automatic reminders for exercise sessions (Premium Edition only).

  • Share exercises between devices using iCloud (iOS and MacOSX App Store only).

Release 1.3.00

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an error where the app locked up mid-exercise.


Release 1.2.01

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an error where the exercises were getting stuck on a wrong answer.

Release 1.2.00


  • Run as an optional 64-bit executable on all platforms.

  • Removed some less useful options from the toolbar and menus.

  • Added translucency to the main window exercise list.

Release 1.1.02

Bug Fixes:

  • Allowed up to 999 questions per exercise (previously only allowed 99).

  • Resolved some issues running on 64-bit Linux systems.

  • Resolved some issues running on Windows XP.

  • Resolved some issues running on older version os MacOS.

  • Provided a signed installer to allow installation on Windows 8.