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JXCirrus Prayer

The smart, flexible prayer journal for individuals and groups.  Quickly record prayers, then let JXCirrus Prayer remind you to pray.   Keep track of prayers from your friends or even prayer groups.
  • Handles several prayer types, including prayer and thanksgiving.

  • Each prayer can have an "urgency" set, which defines how often they are prayed.   Alternatively, you can pray on set days.   You can even set the urgency to change over time.

  • Add updates to the prayer as you find out more information, and view the whole history of a prayer.

Free Download

Version 2.8.00 Released 2-Dec-2023
  • Change a prayer type once is has been answered or you have finished with it.

  • Group prayer mode lets you quickly jot prayer points from each person in a group, then either pray those points or mark them off, then re-visit the points next time you all meet.

  • Have the app remind you to give encouragement to people you are praying for.

  • Email prayer details for group prayer or individual prayers.

  • Optionally have the app prompt you to quickly review all of your day's prayers before praying them, to see if anything has changed.

  • Keep a list of people you are praying for, and view each person's prayers.

  • Create shortcuts to update prayer details at a button-press.

  • Sync data between devices using iCloud or Cloud Share services.

  • Works perfectly happily when disconnected from the internet.

  • Detailed inbuilt user manual, as well as on-screen tips.


​​To install:

  • Windows: Run the installer and follow the prompts.

  • Mac OSX: Run the installer and follow the prompts.

  • Linux: Unpack the installer (tar xvfz JXCirrusPrayer-1B_Linux.tgz) then run the installer (JXCirrusPrayer/

In-App Purchases

Features in the Premium Version

The free version of JXCirrus Prayer has restrictions on some features of the app:  All features are available in the free version, but the following are limited:

  • You can only create one prayer group.

  • You can only create 16 people to pray for.

  • You can only have 3 different types of prayers.

The premium version has no restrictions on people, groups or prayer types.

Important: If you downloaded JXCirrus Prayer from the Apple App Store, or the Microsoft Store, you must use in-app purchase within the app to buy add ons, not this site.

​​$2.99 aud

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
​​​If you use iOS, MacOS or Windows 10, we suggest you download JXCirrus Prayer from the app stores (see the buttons above). Once you have that app store app, choose the "Premium Features" menu to make an in-app purchanse.  If you downloaded the app from this site - Press the "Buy Now" button, and we will send you an email containing a license key the next business day, which you can enter in the app.   Please make sure you supply a valid email link when purchasing (or we wont be able to send you your license).   If you don't get a response within 48 hours, please contact

Release Notes


JXCirrus Prayer 2.8.00

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for a bug setting up clould sync.

JXCirrus Prayer 2.7.04

Bug Fixes

  • Make shortcuts more consistent.

  • Improve the time display for prayer history.

JXCirrus Prayer 2.7.03

Bug Fixes

  • A few fixes for repeating prayers.

JXCirrus Prayer 2.7.02

Bug Fixes

  • A few fixes for repeating prayers.

JXCirrus Prayer 2.7.01


  • Option to prompt for an initial update for new prayers.

JXCirrus Prayer 2.7.00

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with pop up dialogs.

  • Improved the reliability of cloud sync.

  • Fixed some issues with date formats.

JXCirrus Prayer 2.6.01


  • Improved the operation of undo and redo.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a display error for the personal events list.

JXCirrus Prayer 2.6.00


  • Made the app a bit faster.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with text selection in quick notes.

  • Fixed several issues with saving and restoring snapshots.

  • Made the order of events and updates a touch more logical.

  • Fixed a problem with sync between devices.

JXCirrus Prayer 2.5.04

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a layout issue with group prayer.

JXCirrus Prayer 2.5.03

Bug Fixes:

  • Stopped group prayers requiring multiple prayers to close.

  • Fixed an error with adding a new person to a prayer.

  • Fixed the date applied when rolling over the details of a prayer.

JXCirrus Prayer 2.5.02


  • Improved access to quick notes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug fix for removing quick notes.

JXCirrus Prayer 2.5.01

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with cloud sync.

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