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We have a suite of applications under active development.  Some are already available for download, and some are itching to be released into the world, but are just getting a final polish.   Here are a few...

JXCirrus Diary

Having trouble juggling a nightmare calendar?   Enter all of your tasks, appointments, holidays into Diary and let it figure out a way to make it all fit into those few precious hours (or tell you that you are dreaming).  Can plan something as simple as the BBQ next weekend, or as detailed as a complex business project.   Handles repeating tasks and appointments, advanced task templates, journal entries, and even automation using JavaScript macros.

JXCirrus Project

Does everything that JXCirrus Diary does, but with the added power of managing multiple people accross numerous tasks.   Use it to plan and track complex projects.   Enter the high level or broken down tasks for a project (including constraints), and JXCirrus Project will give you a schedule, total time, and tell you whether your plans make sense.   Tracks time spent, and includes easy visual warnings when projects are over budget or behind schedule.   Includes an advanced query language to interrogate your project data.

JXCirrus CalCount

Record your daily calorie intake.  Select what you have eaten from our food database or your own favourites, and see how many calories you took in for the day (as well as salt, fat and a whole range of other nutrients). Automatically calculates targets for weight loss.   Keeps track of your exercise regime and weight.

JXCirrus Maths

A maths training application for primary school children.   Make addition and times tables practice more entertaining by racing against your fastest time.   Schedule a range of exercises for each day.

JXCirrus Prayer
If you pray regularly, lets you keep a list of everything you pray for, and prompts you for all the things you might want to pray that day.   Also handles group prayer as well as individual.
Coming soon for OSX, Windows, Linux and iOS.

JXCirrus Finance

This is a basic home finance tracker.   Great for very quickly entering everything you spend, and assigning to different budgets.   Track how your spending is changing over time and where all your money is going.   Quickly balance your credit card statements.

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