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The support pages below list any known issues with our products, as well as frequently asked questions.

General Support

Application crash on OSX 10.10 or 10.11

Some users have noticed some of the JXCirrus applications crashing on OSX 10.10 or 10.11 (Yosemite and El Capitan)...


Some crashes may be caused by a clash with the Accessibility services on OSX, or other applications that use it, including Karibiner and Typinator.


At least one other user has reported that disabling the Karabiner_AXNotifier service through the Accessibility settings stops the crash.


A proper fix will be available as soon as possible, but it currently waiting on a bug fix in a system library.

I installed one of your products, and now I have all sorts of other stuff, like toolbars... Why?

Sometimes, when you download our software from other sites, you will find that the installer you get might install more than just the JXCirrus product you were expecting (things like extra toolbars for your web browser and very insistent things that display ads at you all the time).   That isn't us!   Really!   Our installers just install our software and nothing else...   These other bits of software were added by the site you downloaded our software from.   If you are angry because your web browser has 6 toolbars instead of the usual 1, please vent at the site you downloaded from...

If you don't want this stuff to appear, either be very careful reading every single screen on the installer you get, or to be extra safe, just download our software from this site.

PS - Not all sites do this.   As of writing this, Softpedia are very good, and CNet has an option to download the unmodified version (but you have to look for it).

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